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What is the African Peace Facility?

Under the Africa-EU Partnership, the strategic objective for peace and security is not only ‘to ensure a peaceful, safe, secure environment’ but also to ‘foster political stability and effective governance, while enabling sustainable and inclusive growth'.

The key EU financial instrument to support cooperation with Africa in the area of peace and security is the  African Peace Facility (APF).

Supporting African responses to violent conflicts across the continent is hugely important to the European Union (EU). As such, it is a fundamental driver of the APF, which was established in 2004 at the request of the African Union (AU). The APF is the only instrument providing short and longer-term support to the efforts of AU and Regional Economic Communities (RECs) / Regional Mechanisms (RMs) to prevent and manage conflict. 

Financed through the European Development Fund (EDF), with a budget of over EUR 2.7 billion since 2004, the APF allows African institutions to bring 'African solutions to African problems' by supporting the AU, the RECs/RMs and other sub-regional organisations in carrying out a peace and security operation with an AU Peace and Security Council (PSC) mandate. In practice, the activities funded fall into three categories:


1. African-led Peace Support Operations (PSOs)

2. Operationalisation of the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA)

3. Initiatives under the Early Response Mechanism (ERM)


APF funds can be used to finance costs incurred by African peacekeeping forces under the banner of the AU or an REC/RM or other sub-regional organisation carrying out a peace and security operation with an AU PSC mandate. These funds cover, for instance, the cost of transporting troops, soldiers’ living expenses and development of capabilities. The list of non-eligible APF expenditure includes ammunition, arms and specific military equipment, spare parts for arms and military equipment, salaries and military training for soldiers.

Read more about the APF in the 2017 Annual Report


Download the APF Media Kit here!

Main Objectives

Enhancing political dialogue on peace, justice and reconciliation in Africa

Strengthening the African Peace and Security Architecture

Increasing cooperation on addressing the root causes of conflicts

A Triple Approach

Peace and Security

African Peace Support Operations

Medium to long-term support to public security through a range of military and civilian tasks. The APF provides support to African-led Peace Support Operations (PSOs) including peacekeeping, maintenance of public order, policing, infrastructure reconstruction, political dialogue and national reconciliation. Since its creation in 2004, the bulk of the APF envelope was allocated to PSOs.

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