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The 3rd Africa-EU Summit took place on 29-30 November in Tripoli, Libya. The Heads of State and Governments of Africa and the EU adopted the "Tripoli declaration", and an Action Plan for 2011-2013, (re)committing to seize together new opportunities for broader and mutually beneficial initiatives. The Tripoli Declaration reflected the determinacy to progress in the identified priority areas of cooperation and towards reaching the Millennium Development Goals in Africa. The Action Plan maintained the 8 priority areas of cooperation identified in the First Action Plan (2008-2010):

  1. Peace and security;
  2. Democratic governance and human rights;
  3. Regional economic integration, trade and infrastructure;
  4. Millennium Development Goals;
  5. Climate change;
  6. Energy;
  7. Migration, mobility and employment;
  8. Science, information society and space.

The 3rd Africa-EU Summit was preceded by a number of important preparatory and side events.

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The 3rd Africa-EU Summit in Tripoli (Libya) where 80 African and European Heads of State and...

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