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The College of Commissioners of both the European Commission and the African Union Commission meet annually to provide regular political guidance to the Africa-EU Partnership. Alternating between the cities of Brussels and Addis Ababa, the meetings aim to be an interactive exchange of expertise and constructive debate on areas of shared interest. In addition, they provide an opportunity to review progress made on the Partnership, to improve cooperation between the two institutions, and to focus on what they can learn from each other with regard to common priorities and challenges.

The last AU-EU College to College Meeting took place in Brussels, Belgium, on 23 May 2018. African Union and European Union Commissioners adopted measures to address pressing global issues in key areas such as peace and security, migration, job creation and agriculture.

Key outcomes:

  1. The signing of a memorandum of understanding reinforcing the existing cooperation in the area of peace and security; 
  2. A commitment to invest in economies and people by stepping up existing cooperation on agriculture and agribusinesses and the digital economy; 
  3. An additional investment of EUR 400 million from the EU made available towards continental and regional projects in Africa under the Pan-African Programme.

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