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African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM)


Promoting long-term peace, security and effective governance in Somalia.

Fast facts

European Commission Contribution: 
€ 1 638 000 000
03/2007 – 06/2018

Following years of political instability and recurring conflicts, in February 2007, the UN Security Council authorised the African Union (AU) to deploy the AU Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) in order to promote long-term peace, security and effective governance.

The EU's support to AMISOM is an integral part of the EU's comprehensive and long-term support for security and development efforts in Somalia. This approach contains political, diplomatic, civilian, military, humanitarian, and development dimensions. It includes three EU military missions, in the framework of the EU Common Security and Defence Policy:

  • the EU Naval Force Operation Atalanta (EU NAVFOR)
  • the EU military training mission in Somalia (EUTM Somalia), and
  • the EU civilian maritime security capacity-building mission (EUCAP Nestor).

Since 2007, the EU has provided more than EUR 1.6 billion to the AU for AMISOM (including EUR 239.4 million in 2017) making it one of the mission's biggest donors. Without this funding, the current AMISOM deployment, its achievements nor political progress in Somalia, would have been possible. The EU's financial support provides a sustainable and predictable source of funding for AMISOM. Continued EU funding, within the financial means available to the APF, is considered a political priority.

AMISOM's objective is to contribute to lasting peace and stability in Somalia and to provide the security for peacebuilding and progress on state-building. In order to achieve this, AMISOM aims to:

  • Enable the gradual handing over of security responsibilities from AMISOM to the Somali security forces, providing they have the ability, and there is political and security progress in Somalia.
  • Reduce the threat posed by Al-Shabaab and other armed opposition groups.
  • Assist the Somali security forces to provide security for the political process at all levels, as well as stabilisation, reconciliation and peacebuilding in Somalia.

AMISOM also contributes to: enabling security conditions for the provision of humanitarian assistance to reach needy populations; building and strengthening the capacity of Somali stakeholders in conflict resolution, mediation and management; restoring the rule of law and fostering the adoption of the principles of democratic policing and good governance.

Since 2007, the EU has provided more than EUR 1.6 billion to the AU for AMISOM (including EUR 239.4 million in 2017) making it one of the mission's biggest donors. EU funds are used to cover:

  • Allowances for AMISOM troops;
  • Salaries and allowances for the police component of the mission;
  • International and local civilian staff salaries;
  • Operational costs for the mission's offices in Nairobi/Mogadishu and the AMISOM General Dhagabadan Training Camp in Mogadishu;
  • Costs for AMISOM quick impact projects (QIPs).

In addition, 85% of EU-support is dedicated to the payment of troop allowances/reimbursements of costs related to the deployment of troops; 5% is used to fund the police and civilian components as well as to cover operational costs.