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Enhancing Civil Society's Role in Pan-African Issues

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Contributing to ensure the active participation of civil society in Africa-European Union (EU) dialogue and cooperation, to tackle the issues of gender equality and the rights of the most marginalised or vulnerable groups.

Civil Society is a central constituent part of democratic policy-making and implementation at local, national, regional and continental levels. However, despite the growing importance of regional and continental level policy-making institutions in Africa, most of the support to civil society organisations (CSOs) has been at local and national levels. As a result, the growth in continental institutional capacity and influence has not been mirrored in civil society, whose ability to engage with, and influence, continental policy design and implementation remains limited. This is why this programme aims at helping civil society organisations complement and contribute to the policy and advocacy work of the African Union.

This project is funded by the EU under the Annual Action Programme 2015 of the DCI Pan-African Programme.

The objective of this action is to improve the contribution of civil society organisations to continental decision and policy making processes in Africa, in particular in the areas of Democracy and Governance, Human Rights, Peace and Security and Gender.

Its specific objective is to increase CSOs’ ability to contribute to a more effective implementation and monitoring of continental legal instruments and to a stronger awareness of the citizens of their rights. Furthermore, it aims at supporting CSOs’ increased participation and contribution in continental decision and policy making and standard-setting.

The activities are carried out under the 6 projects which were selected as a result of an open call for proposals in the following thematic areas:

  • Support the operationalisation of the African Governance Architecture (AGA)
  • CSOs’ contribution to a strong and independent African Human Rights System
  • Support CSOs' active participation in the implementation of the Peace & Security agenda in Africa

CSOs’ contribution to the effective realization of women's rights in Africa