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LIVE2AFRICA: Pan-African Support to the AU-IBAR for a Sustainable Development of Livestock for Livelihoods in Africa

© European Union & Natalia Lazarewicz
© European Union & Natalia Lazarewicz

Contributing to food and nutritional security, economic growth and wealth creation in Africa by supporting the AU Inter-African Bureau on Animal Resources (AU-IBAR) to strengthen systemic capacity of continental, regional and national livestock sector stakeholders.

There are over 350 million people in Africa, with about a third of the continent's population currently directly dependent on livestock. African policymakers are increasingly recognising the need to enhance sustainable livestock production to meet growing demand for animal protein. Initiatives are already underway to increase and add value to livestock exports by Horn of Africa and southern African livestock exporting countries, with additional countries seeking to join this trade. Plans are also afoot to expand intra-continental trade in livestock and livestock products from areas of production, to centres of consumption.

The action will make a significant contribution to the objectives of the 2025 Africa Accelerated Agricultural Growth and Transformation agenda adopted by the Head of States and Governments of the AU in Malabo in 2014. This will include: ensuring at least 30% of farm/pastoral households are resilient to shocks; increasing productivity; reducing post-harvest losses; creating jobs along the livestock value chain; strengthening public private partnerships; and enhancing regional trade. The AU-IBAR has developed livestock strategies with Member States, strengthening the argument for national governments to increase investment in the livestock sector. This aligns with the opportunity provided by the Malabo Declaration where national governments recommitted to directing at least 10% of their annual budgets to support the agricultural sector.

This project is funded by the EU under the Annual Action Programme 2016 of the DCI Pan-African Programme.

Live2Africa aims to support the transformation of the African livestock sector in the quest for environmentally sustainable, climate resilient, socio-economic development and equitable growth. Its specific objective is to strengthen the systemic capacity of continental, regional and national livestock sector stakeholders for the economically, environmentally and socially sustainable transformation of the livestock sector.

The Live2Africa programme supports a livestock development strategy for Africa through the following activities:

  • Continental level/inter-regional/cross-border coordination: e.g. setting up technical working groups of the engagement platform;
  • Sharing lessons and knowledge management: e.g. compilation of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) reports indicating areas of achievement, challenges, emerging insights etc. and dissemination of best practices and lessons learnt to stakeholders;
  • Policy guidance: e.g. dissemination of policy briefs to decision makers, and policy briefings during stakeholder meetings;
  • Facilitation of common positions: e.g. facilitating relevant technical experts in formulating common positions;
  • Monitoring and evaluation, quality control, capacity building through training on specific technical matters, institutional reforms and transformation: e.g. review and enhancement of policies and legislation.