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Pan African Statistics

Strengthening the African Statistical System to facilitate the monitoring of societal progress and the process of integration in Africa, while supporting the establishment of an AU Institute for Statistics (STATAFRIC).

This project is funded under the Annual Action Programme 2014 of the DCI Pan-African Programme.

The programme's objective is to improve the production and dissemination of quality statistics in Africa, and to support the African Union (AU) in strengthening its institutional capacity to provide comparable official statistics.These are needed to underpin the AU integration process and measure African progress towards global goals. Goals include:

  • Availability of statistical information for decision-making and policy monitoring of African integration;
  • Better frameworks for collecting, producing and disseminating harmonised statistics in Africa;
  • Institutional capacity building for good quality official statistics that underpin the African integration process and measure progress towards global goals.

The programme will provide technical and operational assistance to the AU to support:

  • Improvements in the quality of continental statistics across key strategic domains;
  • Preparation of a new AU Institute for Statistics (STATAFRIC) intended to improve the coordination and general functioning of the African Statistical System;
  • Uptake of common tools to National Statistics Institutes (NSIs) across the African continent;
  • Establishing a baseline against which to measure the statistical development of the continent.