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Policy and Regulation Initiative for Digital Africa (PRIDA)

Delivering universally accessible and affordable broadband across the continent by facilitating efficient and harmonised spectrum utilisation and harmonising measurable ICT/ telecommunication policy, legal and regulatory frameworks.

Fast facts

Total Budget: 
€ 8 000 000
European Commission Contribution: 
€ 7 500 000
Annual Action Programme: 

Information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure in Africa has evolved significantly in recent decades. Still, in comparison with other continents, Africa lags behind in terms of widely available and affordable broadband access. Generally, affordable and accessible ICT services have the potential to help create competitive markets, drive social and inclusive growth and deliver more equitable development, in line with the roadmap adopted at the 4th EU-Africa Summit and the Multiannual Indicative Programme 2014-2017 (see component 4.4. infrastructure).

This project is funded under the Annual Action Programme 2017 of the DCI Pan-African Programme.

The Policy and Regulation Initiative for Digital Africa (PRIDA) programme aims to foster universally accessible and affordable broadband across the continent, in order to unlock future benefits of internet-based services. Its specific objective is to create a more harmonised and enabling legal and regulatory framework for the use of ICT for social and economic development, with an emphasis on boosting the spectrum market across Africa.

The main activities are based on three pillars:

  • Efficient and harmonised spectrum utilisation: improvement of spectrum allocation based on international best practice and terms and conditions for spectrum licensing; enhancement of spectrum pricing predictability and alignment; strengthening of cooperation on treatment of harmful interference; increased awareness and acceptance of the concept and economic models of Internet of Things (IoT); and strengthening the capacities of national frequency agencies.
  • Harmonisation of measurable ICT/Telecommunications policy, legal and regulatory frameworks: development of continental ICT/ telecommunications legislative and regulatory monitoring & evaluation methodologies; strengthening continental cooperation between national telecommunications regulatory authorities (NRAs); and raising awareness of the cross-cutting use of ICTs (policy) by public authorities and civil society.
  • African decision makers' active participation in the global internet governance debate: continental situation assessment; identification of challenges for African involvement and synergies between initiatives; strengthening the African Internet Governance Forum and exploring the establishment of a 'digital policy clinics' framework to offer on-demand assistance to African negotiators.