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Flyer 'Meet the Neighbours of the Neighbours'


The EU has launched a new initiative ‘Meet the Neighbours of the Neighbours during COVID-19 times’, which offers young people, and particularly students, the chance to learn more about the different cultures and civilisations of ‘the neighbours of their neighbours’. This is done through the...

COVID-19 response in Africa: Team Europe in action


Africa has been allocated €3.8 billion as part of the “Team Europe” overall approach worth € 18.8 billion. Funding and activities have started in order to support African countries in their fight against the coronavirus. In this document, you you will find a list of #TeamEurope activities in...

The African Continental Qualification Framework (ACQF) Factsheet


The African Continental Qualification Framework is part of the AU-EU Skills for Youth Employablity Programme, and is being implemented by the European Training Foundation (ETF) in collaboration with AUC and GIZ. The project will contribute to the skilled, adaptable and lifelong learning...

Communication on the Global EU response to COVID-19


Joint Communication to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions

Report by the Task Force on Transport and Connectivity


Towards an enhanced Africa-EU Cooperation on Transport and Connectivity