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The African Peace Facility Brochure: A tangible commitment to peace and security in Africa


Under the Africa-EU partnership, the strategic objective on peace and security is not only to ensure a peaceful, safe, secure environment, but also to foster political stability and effective governance, while enabling sustainable and inclusive growth.

African Peace Facility - Annual Report 2015


This annual report provides an overview of the main activities, achievements and challenges of the key instrument of the European Union to support the African Union's and African Regional Economic Communities' efforts in the area of peace and security in 2015.

African Peace Facility - Annual Report 2014


Since 2003, the African Peace Facility (APF) has been a key instrument underpinning Africa-EU cooperation on Peace and Security, with EUR 1.3 billion paid out through the instrument by the end of 2014. The APF Annual Report 2014 presents the activities and performance of the APF throughout the...