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12th AU-EU Human Rights Dialogue

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The 12th African Union (AU) - European Union (EU) Human Rights Dialogue took place on 10 January 2017 in Brussels.

Representatives of the EU and AU discussed recent developments in Africa and Europe in the area of human rights, notably the work of the AU organs with a human rights mandate and to celebrate 2016 as the year of human rights in Africa.  The AU and EU welcomed the Declaration of the Human and Peoples’ Decade in Africa and the launch of the drafting of the African Human Rights Action and Implementation Plan 2017–26. The AU appreciated the EU support to the African Human Rights system under the EU Pan-African Programme.

The AU and the EU also commended the work of the 6th AU-EU Civil Society Seminar on Democratic Governance and Human Rights that took place in Brussels the day before, on 9 January. The seminar focused on counter-terrorism and human rights. The parties welcomed the recommendations and jointly reaffirmed the need for greater space for civil society within the AU-EU Partnership on Democratic Governance and Human Rights.

Referring to the preparation for the Africa-EU Summit in 2017, the EU welcomed the suggestions brought forward by CSOs, as well as supporting the initiative of the AU Youth Engagement Strategy for the Promotion of Democratic Governance and Human Rights in Africa.

Both EU and AU reaffirmed their joint commitment to the promotion and protection of human rights on both continents and to collaborate on the effective implementation of continental and international human rights instruments.

The Dialogue was led by Dr. Aisha Laraba Abdullahi, AU Commissioner for Political Affairs, and Mr. Stavros Lambrinidis, the EU Special Representative for Human Rights.

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