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Africa-EU Civil Society Forum takes place in Tunis

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The Africa-EU Civil Society Forum, a gathering of African and European Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), took place on 11-13 July in Tunis. This Forum, the third of  its kind, was organised in the framework of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy (JAES), and supported by the African Union’s Citizens and Diaspora Directorate (AU/CIDO) and the European Union (EU). The forum brought together civil society organizations from both continents to discuss future priorities in light of external challenges and opportunities at global and regional levels.

In their declaration, the representatives of CSOs from Africa and Europe have stressed the importance of fostering a space for participation by civil society organisations on both continents as independent actors and integral partners within the JAES, and have called upon Heads of State and Government, and African and European institutions to increase their support for a timely, transparent and inclusive involvement of CSOs at all levels of decision-making, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the JAES, ahead of the upcoming 5th AU-EU Summit, in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) on 28 and 29 November 2017.

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