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Africa-Europe Alliance: Call for proposals – Pilot VET mobility scheme between Africa and the EU

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The European Commission invites applicants to contribute to the improvement and modernisation of VET systems and reinforcing links between VET and the labour market. 

The European Commission is launching an exciting new initiative that will enable vocational education and training (VET) colleges in the EU to set up student and staff exchange programmes with colleges in Africa. These mobility partnerships will also share good practice in their countries and regions, and create networks and partnerships for exchange.

For Africa, projects must focus on three priority fields of study: Engineering, manufacturing and construction; Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Veterinary; (c) Hotel, restaurants and catering and/or Travel, tourism and leisure.

Eligible organisations can be a public or private VET provider, consortium or a company involved in VET. They must be based in an EU Member State or one of the eligible partner countries.

This initiative is part of the new Africa – Europe Alliance for Sustainable Investment and Jobs that underlines the need to match skills with the demands of the labour market. The Alliance seeks more investment for Technical and Vocational Education and Training, as well as digital skills and competences. The aim is to address the mismatch of skills in particular for areas with a high potential for job creation.

A budget of 4.95 million EUR has been included in the Annual Action Programme 2018 of the Pan-African Programme for a Component of an AU-EU Skills for Youth Employment Programme entitled "EU-AU VET mobility project". The present pilot scheme is proposed in this context.

Deadline: 14.05.2019 12:00 (Brussels time)