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AU-EU Youth Plug-in initiative

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Ahead of this year's AU-EU Summit, young people from Europe and Africa are part of the decision-making processes of both continents, realizing the institutions’ efforts to include young voices in development dialogues. In the framework of the AU-EU Youth Plug- in Initiative (YPII), 36 young people from Africa and Europe have been selected from a group of more than 100 participants at the 4th Africa-EU Youth Summit, which took place on 9-11 October in Abidjan.

The plug-in initiative is part of a youth track, which has started with the Youth Summit in October. The initiative aims to build on the Abidjan Youth Declaration and further elaborate a set of recommendations and deliverables. These proposals will be compiled in a “Youth Agenda” which together with the Youth Declaration will be presented to Heads of State at the 5th AU-EU Summit from 29-30 November. 

To achieve their objectives, the 36 Youth Plug-In Fellows will work together for five weeks within the AU and EU. During two plenary weeks, they met AU officials and stakeholders in Addis Ababa and then delved into the EU institutions in Brussels. Split in two groups, they will work in Addis Ababa with the AU and in Brussels with the EU respectively on the specific topics: Business & Job Creation, Culture, Sports & Arts, Education & Skills, Environment & Climate Change, Governance & Political Inclusion, and Peace & Security.

This week, the YPII fellows in Brussels meet stakeholders from institutions, CSO and the private sector.

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