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COVID-19 response in Africa: Team Europe in action

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The “Team Europe” approach provides a joint strategy for the European external response to help the most vulnerable and affected countries. In this context, the EU has allocated €3.8 billion to Africa, out of an overall package of more than € 18.8 billion, to fight the COVID-19 crisis and its consequences.

The activities of Team Europe are a demonstration of tackling challenges together with Africa during unpredictable times. The focus is on the people most at risk, such as children, woman, the elderly, and disabled people, as well as migrants, refugees, internally displaced people and their host communities.

From the overall Team Europe package of € 18.8 billion, €3.8 billion has been allocated to Africa, with additional €1.42 billion in guarantees for Africa and the Neighbourhood from the European Fund for Sustainable Development (EFSD). The European Investment Bank has also assigned monetary support to fight the pandemic:  Sub-Saharan African countries will receive support worth €1.46 billion and the Neighbourhood countries will receive €2.3 billion. For a detailed overview and updates of the distribution of the Team Europe package for African regions, please read here.

The EU’s funding in Africa will focus on the following actions:
• Responding to the immediate health crisis and the resulting humanitarian needs. This includes supporting the response plans of the World Health Organisation and the United Nations, and providing humanitarian support in affected countries;
• Strengthening health, water and sanitation systems, as well as partner countries’ capacities and preparedness to deal with the pandemic;
• Mitigating the social and economic consequences, including support to the private sector with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises, and government reforms to reduce poverty.

Many planned or ongoing activities in African countries have been made possible because of the support from #TeamEurope. Examples of how the funding has helped in Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan and other countries throughout the African continent can be found here.