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The EU launches an initiative of cultural breaking-out for the youth of the EU, Africa and the Mediterranean (9 May-4 June 2020)

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The EU has launched a new initiative ‘Meet the Neighbours of the Neighbours during COVID-19 times’, which offers young people, and particularly students, the chance to learn more about the different cultures and civilisations of ‘the neighbours of their neighbours’. This is done through the creative works of film directors from different countries of Africa, the Mediterranean and Europe.

The initiative wants to give free access to world’s students confined to their own homes and young people from the EU, Africa and Mediterranean through the streaming platform, to a selection of high quality films.  Young people from Africa and the Mediterranean will have a chance to access films from the EU and the Balkans, while young people from the EU and the Balkans will have access to films from the authors of Africa and the Mediterranean, all on the same platform.This will contribute to enhanced mutual understanding of each other culture and build a solid basis to strengthen inter-cultural dialogues.

The ‘Meet the Neighbours of the Neighbours during COVID-19’ initiative will start on 9 May 2020 on the occasion of 70 years of Schuman Declaration and will run until 4 June 2020, with a special screening highlighted for Africa Day on 25 May. 40 feature films will be accessible on demand: 20 European feature films accessible in Africa and the Mediterranean, 20 African feature films accessible in Europe and the Balkans. The audience will be able to watch the selected films on a first-come first-served basis for up to 1000 users for each films.