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European Union and African Union join forces to empower a new generation of African research talents

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Today, the European Union has announced the launch of the “African Research Initiative for Scientific Excellence” (ARISE) Pilot Programme with a contribution of €25 million. 

ARISE will enable early career African scientists in delivering cutting-edge research across Africa. The programme will be implemented by the African Academy of Sciences with the strategic direction of the European Union and the African Union.

Commissioner for International Partnerships, Jutta Urpilainen, said: “The potential of research excellence in Africa is significant, and will be a key driver of development and growth. The ARISE pilot programme is a catalytic milestone for talented early-career scientists, aiming to strengthen Africa's science and innovation base. It is also a major step for the EU-Africa academic and scientific cooperation to create a knowledge society and economy.

Through the programme, 40 young and emerging African research talents, early career scientists and their ideas, will have the opportunity to be recognised and offered further development opportunities with grants. Beneficiaries will be selected on the basis of scientific excellence in a continent-wide open competition. The programme is in line with the long-standing EU cooperation with the African Union under the High-Level Policy Dialogue on Science, Technology and Innovation. Since 2010, the Dialogue is the platform for regular exchanges on research and innovation policy, with the aim to formulate and implement jointly long-term priorities to strengthen Africa-Europe cooperation.