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Higher Education in Africa: Next steps for Tuning and Harmonisation

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Haqqq Initiative and Tuning Africa program official logos
Haqqq Initiative and Tuning Africa program official logos

Investing in education and skills is a key focus of the Africa - Europe Alliance for Sustainable Investment and Jobs. The Alliance, announced by President Juncker in the 2018 State of the European Union Address, underlines the importance of higher education to build skills and create jobs. Internationalisation and harmonisation of Higher Education in Africa are considered particularly important to boost mobility and to increase the quality of education and comparability.

In 2019, two initiatives in this field will embark on a further phase of operations:

Tuning project

The Tuning Africa project is a collaborative process reviewing and modernising competences and skills, making curricula and teaching more relevant to the needs of African societies and the labour market.  104 universities from 41 countries are involved in the project, which covers 8 diverse subject areas ranging from agriculture to medicine. As a result, more than 1600 students and staff already participated in online courses and workshops.

Harmonisation and Quality Assurance

The Harmonisation of African Higher Education Quality Assurance and Accreditation initiative enhances quality assurance in higher education and builds mutual trust, supporting mobility and the recognition of qualifications, thereby contributing to the continental integration agenda.

Under this initiative steered by the European Commission and African Union Commission, the African Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance (ASG-QA) have been published. Based on guidelines and standards in different African countries and global benchmarks, the guidelines aim to facilitate the recognition and mobility of students and staff within and across national borders in Africa and with Europe and are the overarching framework for quality assurance in higher education on the continent.