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Parliaments' involvement in the Africa-EU Strategic Partnership

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The role of the Pan-African and EU Parliaments in the Africa-EU strategic partnership was agreed on at a second informal meeting between the parliaments, EU and AU Presidencies and Commissions on 23 March 2009 in Strasbourg.

Discussions focused on four proposals submitted by the two parliaments for:

  1. participating in the joint expert groups and the African and European implementation teams
  2. sharing views on the annual progress report through a parliamentary report to be presented at an informal meeting with the Africa-EU troika, prior to ministerial meetings
  3. participating in the Africa-EU joint task force
  4. inviting the presidents of both parliaments to address the Africa-EU summit.

In practice, the parliaments already took part in the extended Africa-EU joint task force meeting in Brussels in March, and have also attended some implementation team meetings.

The meeting ended with representatives of the EU and AU presidencies inviting the chairs of the parliamentary delegations to an informal meeting with the Africa-EU troika.

EU Commissioner Louis Michel was then invited to share his views on the Africa-EU strategic partnership.