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Agriculture and agri-food business are key areas for sustainable development and job creation.

The Task Force for Rural Africa (TFRA) provides expertise, advice and recommendations to strengthen the European-African partnership in the food and farming sectors.

The Task Force was set up in May 2018 by the EU and the African Union. It advises on how best to contribute to sustainable development and job creation in Africa’s agriculture and food sectors and rural economy.

It focuses on better coordination of existing initiatives, on boosting public and private investments, facilitating intra-African trade, sharing knowledge, promoting and prioritising policy regulatory reforms, and strategies to support African youth working in agriculture.

The TFRA is comprised of 11 African and European experts, with expertise and experience in agriculture, agri-business or agroindustry, trade, development policy or migration-related issues and with first-hand knowledge of the agri-food sector in Africa. 

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